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Gain Insights from Customers using Big Data

A team of former Google employees launched Mobee to give retailers a new way to get insights from customers. The startup bills its app as a kind of mystery shopping service: Users are rewarded with cash or gift cards for running various “missions” reviewing stores. Those results are then supplied to businesses.

“Companies come to us to get the data that they want to know about their stores,” Prahar Shah, the startup’s founder and CEO, told Mashable in an interview late last year. “We sort of are the eyes and ears for them.”

Mobee’s team of experts and set of applications help maximize performance and drive key decisions. Our app, data warehouse, and dashboard work together to crowd-source custom data fast from specific locations to help you determine course corrections early on in the cycle.

Mobee is your eyes and ears revealing what is ​really​ happening before it’s too late.

Mobee recently acquired Kickscout, an ecommerce service, and is expanding outside Boston to become a nationwide service.

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