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Childcare Made Easy with Trusted



It can be hard to find a trusted childcare provider, especially if you don’t have family members that live close by.

From the outside, I can appreciate that the anxiety parents feel over leaving their children for even the shortest amounts of time must appear comical. But when it’s your kid… it’s just the most awful feeling imaginable.



Enter Trusted. This mobile app matches parents with vetted childcare providers when and where they’re needed. The service has already done the work of screening providers for background checks, references, first aid certifications, immunizations, experience, etc. This saves parents the hassles of lengthy interviews, and gives them the much greater peace of mind that comes with enlisting help from a trusted source.

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The flat fee of $25 per hour ($5 per each additional child) seems both rational and fair. No one needs to be gouged for services on top of the stress of needing help at the last minute. So, bravo for avoiding squabbles over fees, and for offering a reasonable rate.


Add to the mix the ability to chat with child care providers, peek in on how things are going with video feed, ‘round the clock support, and to have alerts that show you that help is indeed on the way at the appointed time – let’s just call it a winning, sanity-saving formula.


I do believe you can trust people. And I would be elated to have someone else find trustworthy, capable souls to take care of my son. I imagine that there are plenty of parents who feel the same way.


I hope the startup’s servers are ready when this one hits the App Store. Sign up for early access at usetrusted.com.

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