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Nebia half spray

Nebia leverages advances in design and thermofluids to create a better shower experience that actually saves you thousands of gallons of water a year. With those savings, Nebia pays for itself in about a year.

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Rubicon Global


Rubicon connects businesses with local garbage haulers through an online bidding process and and helps them find opportunities to save money, for example by doing more recycling.

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Adaptly – Social Buying Experience for Advertisers


Adaptly provides unique social buying experiences for advertisers seeking solutions that span the entire marketing funnel. Our success and innovation in creating strategic brand marketing solutions is built on a foundation of transparency, quality and performance. With powerful technology and social marketing expertise at our core, Adaptly excels at driving ...

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Rethinking Robotics


Google may have acquired Boston Dynamics, but there are other notable robotics companies in the Boston area. Rethink Robotics develops robots (see video above) for research and manufacturing. The company was founded by Rodney Brooks, who previously founded iRobot. Rethink Robotics has raised more than $80 million to date and ...

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Gain Insights from Customers using Big Data


A team of former Google employees launched Mobee to give retailers a new way to get insights from customers. The startup bills its app as a kind of mystery shopping service: Users are rewarded with cash or gift cards for running various “missions” reviewing stores. Those results are then supplied to ...

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Wideo.co – Online Video Making App for your Company


A new company to TopTenStartups.com is Wideo, an online video making app that lets you create videos for anything from presentations to product demos to lessons.  Learn a little bit more about what Wideo does, how it can help startups around the world, and the answers to a couple of very specific ...

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Childcare Made Easy with Trusted


    It can be hard to find a trusted childcare provider, especially if you don’t have family members that live close by. From the outside, I can appreciate that the anxiety parents feel over leaving their children for even the shortest amounts of time must appear comical. But when ...

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Partnered Connects Startups with Big Companies


Today’s Top Startup: Partnered   Elevator Pitch: Partnered connects startups with big companies for beneficial partnerships.   Why It’s A Top Ten Startup: A lot of little guys need the big guys and the big guys need the little guys. Startups can provide so much to larger brands more efficiently, ...

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    Elevator Pitch: Spottly helps you “find, collet, and share the best places in the world.”   Why It’s A Top Ten Startup? Please excuse me, lovely readers. I’m currently in travel mode and therefore drawn to travel startups like an Italian grandmother to fat baby cheeks. Spottly is ...

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