• Ryan Vaughn, Co-Founder And CEO, Varsity News Network, Inc.

    Ryan Vaughn is the co-founder of VNN, the premier recognition engine for high school athletes. Follow him  @RyanHVaughn.   Who is your hero? This is tougher than I thought it would be. There are so many: Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, etc.   In the end I’m going to go with Dan Martell, founder of Clarity.fm, for two reasons. He’s created a company totally around helping other entrepreneurs realize their dreams and he has so much fun working. It’s contagious.   What’s the single best piece of business advice that helped shape who you are as an entrepreneur today, and why? Early on when VNN was in a business accelerator, I was torn between spending three-fourths of our $20k investment with a development shop to build our product and trying to find another, cheaper way to build it. I spent a week debating. ...

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  • John-Ruhlin

    John Ruhlin, Founder Of The Ruhlin Group

  • Miro Kazakoff

    Miro Kazakoff, Co-Founder, Testive

  • Advice on Starting your own Business. Don’t get intimidated.

      Starting a business can feel intimidating at times.  You need to be persistent and don’t let the challenges discourage you.  That is one key charactersitic all successful entreprenuers posses. Here are some questions answered by some successful entrepreneurs: Question: What is one part of starting up that was easier than you anticipated? BRITTANY HODAK ZinePak Finding a Support Network “A support network of other entrepreneurs will make any journey a lot more enjoyable — and a lot easier, too! By joining key networking groups, like YEC, and moving into a co-working space, building a support group of like-minded entrepreneurs after starting ZinePak was easier than I would have imagined. I never expected to make so many close friends so quickly!” STEVEN LE VINE grapevine pr + consulting Forming the Business Entity “What I initially believed would be the most ...

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  • Stay.Focussed

    How to Stay Focused on Your Business Strategy

  • Pitching ideas

    Pitching Ideas to Secure Venture Capital Funding

  • newquest

    10 Steps to Start a Business

  • Changing your business name made easy

    How to Change your Business Name