• John Ruhlin, Founder Of The Ruhlin Group

    John Ruhlin and his firm THE RUHLIN GROUP are considered to be the foremost experts on developing relationships with key executives and the topic of “Appreciative Leadership.” He speaks nationally on the topic, is the bestselling author of “Cutting Edge Sales” and is the number one distributor in the 60 year history of CUTCO Cutlery. You can follow him on Twitter at @ruhlin.   Who is your hero? My hero is a gentleman most people will never know or meet named Atty Paul A. Miller. He was one of my first mentors — I met him when I was 20 years old and looking into medical school — and he’s the reason I launched my business. It was his belief in me and the values I saw him living every day. At the time he was my girlfriend’s father; although the relationship with his ...

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  • Ryan-Vaughn

    Ryan Vaughn, Co-Founder And CEO, Varsity News Network, Inc.

  • Miro Kazakoff

    Miro Kazakoff, Co-Founder, Testive

  • Pitching Ideas to Secure Venture Capital Funding

    If you go in knowing your numbers cold, you are more than halfway there. Securing venture funding for a startup is undoubtedly a challenging process for a young entrepreneur. With only .05 percent of startups funded by VCs, every entrepreneur is likely to experience a healthy dose of rejection. The experience can be pretty humbling, especially for young entrepreneurs who assumed their brilliant idea would be a no-brainer for investors. I began fundraising for my ed-tech startup, Flashnotes.com, right out of college. I’ve since raised more than $11 million in venture funding, though I first had to learn a few tough lessons of my own in order to convince a room full of seasoned investors that supporting my idea was in their best interest. Mistakes like limiting the list of my industry competitors to other small startups rather than the billion-dollar companies in the industry caused investors to question the company’s ...

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  • Stay.Focussed

    How to Stay Focused on Your Business Strategy

  • newquest

    10 Steps to Start a Business

  • persistence_sign

    Advice on Starting your own Business. Don’t get intimidated.

  • Changing your business name made easy

    How to Change your Business Name